Google tells us that gaining ranking value for your domain, it isn’t about the quantity of links, but the quality of links. As SEO Practitioners are well aware, Google treats a link as a vote in a democratic system that it commonly calls its algorithm which uses these to rank websites on its results pages.

We define that as the BackPath. You can find additional background research on the Backpath at our founders personal blog, but ultimately this Backpath it is a way of pooling data (about a source) from various other resources and connecting those to original sources of information.

In a nutshell, MissionOps website is about search engine optimization services and the patrons of this website might be interested in learning about our strategic approach to delivering ranked results prior to commencing a relationship with MissionOp so we link to the original source (as noted above). The principles of the Backpath are very easy to understand with a little forethought.

It does not matter if the referencing link anchor doesnt use the phrase that the owner wishes results for all that matter is that information is somewhere on the website gaining the links from this domain, and the website will rank well in Google.