Content Creation

Marketing on the Internet has followed a common set of practices for some time. Google, the most powerful search engine on the Web, has evolved its ranking algorithm. Gone are the times when you could simply trade links with other websites, engage in 3-way linking schemes, keyword stuff, or engage in tactics that put minimum enthusiasm on credible expertise.

Propelling a website to a front page position on search engines is becoming increasingly more difficult and many SEO firms are in a quandary as to how to provide their customers with affordable alternatives without an escalation of risk to both themselves and their clientele. It would seem that the link, which most conclude is the solution for search engine optimization, is actually the problem.

To achieve prominent placement in Google, you must build your website upon a solid foundation of content that better answers the questions searchers have about a produce or service. Clearly, finding a means to provide web surfers with better reasons to visit your website is a way to increase your value on the Internet and promote your reputation as a website of integrity.

 Now that’s revolutionary thinking!

Let’s increase the true value of websites everywhere instead of chasing the value of a link from anywhere.