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It is obvious that website which focus on local search tabulated results will have an impact on Maps Places. Additionally, regional domains that only allow resident businesses can access are of equal to businesses of that area. However, it isnt widely known that all domains will pass citation value useful for local search results (In Google anyway) Maps Places.

Domains associated with your immediate neighborhood, suburb or metropolitan area will have the most impact. Remotely access domains while still having some impact cannot easily compete against more local resources.

Citations are references to your business name, address, and other contacting methods on other domains web pages. Even when there is no static link to your domain, the reference is enormously valuable.

A great example of a citation might be a members reference on your citys Chamber of Commerce domain. A local Chamber of Commerce, a local business association, or even regional archives that support your city, anywhere your business information can be found.

Businesses with a greater number of citations will rank higher than businesses with fewer citations. Additionally, businesses with more of the local authority representation in their citation references stand a better change of listing higher in local search.

Donating sponsoring local charities or events (YMCA, youth shelters, or a music festival) all improve citation diversity and also validate that a business is part of a community.

In the same way, review from customers from their business or home ISP will have the greatest impact in this endeavor.