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Refund Policy

MissionOp Corporation (hereafter MissionOp) is committed to providing the best services to our customers. However, advertising and exposure services are not considered tangible products or services. That is, knowledge and skills exchanged for improvement in your website’s search engine exposure through ordered ranks, website patronage, and sales conversions cannot be reversed once commenced. Additionally, MissionOp has no control over the archival changes that other vendors make, such as search engines. Therefore, MissionOp has a “no return policy.”

The only exception to above expressed conditions is as follows:

  • In the event that MissionOp staff does not show proof of commencing an implementation process within 10 business days of your initial payment, a paying customer is entitled to a 100% unconditional refund.

Automated Payments

One week prior to your monthly anniversary date you will receive a detailed invoice for each service package you require. You must follow the following steps to avoid a disruption of services:

  1. Print the invoice
  2. Review the invoice for accuracy
  3. Endorse the invoice for automatic payment processing
  4. Scan the invoice
  5. Return email the invoice to payments (A@T) missionop.com

As an alternative to scanning and forwarding, you may arrange to fax an endorsed invoice to a private administration phone line, but it is the responsibility of the customer to make such arrangements each month.

Cancellation Policy

MissionOp customers enjoy an “at a moment’s notice cancellation policy.” This is provided to a customer on the bases that they have formally requested cancellation, in writing, one second prior to their monthly anniversary date. Once the anniversary date commences, a customer is obligated to pay for the next consecutive 30-day pay period.

  • ANNIVERSARY DATE – An Anniversary Date is considered the date of the original first payment (1st day of a given month to the 28th of a given month) where a normally scheduled reoccurring payment will occur on that date for each consecutive month.
  • DISCLAIMER #1 – All customers MUST endorse and return the next month’s service invoice prior to commencement of the Anniversary Date.
  • DISCLAIMER #2 – In the event that MissionOp did not receive an endorsed invoice prior to the commencement of the Anniversary Date, all services will be automatically discontinued on the Anniversary Date.
  • DISCLAIMER#3 – Should a customer wish to reinstate their services, the following MUST occur:
    • The previously forwarded invoice MUST be endorsed and forwarded
    • A $100 USD administration fee MUST be received prior to reinstatement

Payment Disputes

In the event of a payment dispute, such as a credit card chargeback from your card issuer (or a PayPal dispute claim) your endorsed invoice serves as your acknowledgement that you understood and authorized responsibility for all charges included on your monthly invoice.

Any issue you have with your invoice charges should be considered and corrected prior to endorsing and forwarding it to MissionOp, no exceptions.