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MissionOp courseware is the culmination of updated SEO theory, background research and hands-on practice that empowers learners to acquire certain knowledge to take on any SEO project with real, well founded, confidence.

Whether you desire training for DIY (do-it-yourself) projects, an in-house SEO firm position or you desire to freelance as an SEO Practitioner yourself MissionOp not only provides up-to-date training we continuously support trained candidates as new search engine updates occur.

MissionOp offers three levels of courseware:

  1. SEO Practitioners Competency
  2. Citation Management, and
  3. Devaluation Recovery

Courseware includes audiovisual recordings of theory background research Powerpoint Presentations as well as all hands-on practice sessions.

SEO Practitioners Competency

SEO Practitioners Competency courseware includes onpage offpage optimization, website architecture, link building, local search, influences of social media, and the use of Webmaster Tools.

Citation Management

Citation Management is more commonly called link development. However, this courseware is far more advanced than commonly understood link development. Candidates discover how naturally occurring Backpaths can influence order ranks, especially in Googles Results Pages.

Devaluation Recovery

Devaluation Recovery primarily consider Manual Reviews, PANDA PENGUIN updates, refreshes, devaluation avoidance, and post cleanup tools. Secondary topics for discussion include Hummingbird, EMD, and Above-the-Fold Ads.